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In recent years, Sage Industry Co., Limited continued to enlarge its manufacture scale and introduced advanced technology and equipments.


We built product lines for different types of bulbs. With the equipments, our products are from different workshops, HID workshop, halogen workshop and LED workshop.


Following are the manufacture capacity of our main products.


Headlight bulbs
Model Color Capacity(pcs/month)
H1 Clear, Super white 200,000
H3 Clear, Super white 200,000
H4 Clear, Super white 400,000
H7 Clear, Super white 200,000
HB3 9005 Clear, Super white 100,000
HB4 9006 Clear, Super white 100,000
LED bulbs
Model Color Capacity(pcs/month)
LED White,Green,Blue,Red,Yellow 500,000
HID ballast
Model Specification Capacity(pcs/month)
Slim ballast 12V35W 40,000
CANBUS ballast 12V35W,12V55W 10,000